UK Census website 15 minute challenge

No, I haven’t challenged myself to fill in the entire Census form online in 15 minutes. When I have to do that I’m treating myself to a Chinese take-away to lessen the pain of the chunk of my life I’ve lost to bureaucracy.

Instead I took 15 minutes to make some sense of, and simplify, this page from the Census website, about what to do if you’re not at home on the day in question. Turns out that booking into a hotel for the night doesn’t get you out of filling in the 32 page form. Shame, I’d even shell out £15 for toast and hard bacon to avoid it.

So, here’s where I got to in 15 minutes

what to do if you are away census question web page

It’s not perfect, and I’ll probably keep fiddling, but I hope it shows what can be done to make information easier to understand, even in a short amount of time.

And in case, you couldn’t be bothered to open the link (or it’s way past census time and they’ve taken the site down) here’s how it looked before.

what to do if you are away census question web page

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