The last couple of years

Having fixed my website after some lovely hackers had a play, I realised it’s been a long time since I’ve added anything of substance. The main reason for this has been the move to full-time employment, becoming Information Designer at Communisis. Although they aren’t a design agency, they do have all the tools and experience to build the kind of documents I’ve spent my career designing. So, in the last couple of years I’ve designed, and supported the delivery of:

  • savings statement for a high-street bank
  • all insurance documents for one of the UK’s most well known insurers
  • a water bill for one of the companies moving into the competitive retail market
  • rationalisation of over 900 letter templates to 5 core designs to enable a platform migration, whilst enabling future feature improvements
  • a life insurance policy summary to meet forthcoming FG16/2 guidance (which basically says ‘give your customers a clue what’s going on’).

And before joining Communisis, I was lucky enough to work with my first boss, Rob Waller, on a number of projects, under the banner of SAID (Service and Information Design – which ended up being mostly Information Design). During that time, projects included:

  • customer investment reports for wealth management clients, using a consistent design approach across all channels (paper, big screen and smaller screen)
  • redesign off all policy documentation (quotes, schedules, etc.) for large insurer in Ireland: design created a consistent approach that could be applied to over 30 products – including insuring pigs
  • redesign of forms used for voters to register to vote at the previous ‘planned’ general election – the one that wasn’t called in a hurry.

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