Hours before the Olympics opening ceremony (which is two and a half days after the first event and 12 hours after the official start – keeping up?) a minor row has broken out about an ‘unticketed’ event, a preliminary round in the archery competition as it happens. I say it’s a minor row because by the end of the Olympics I’m sure it will have been forgotten about.

So, what is an ‘unticketed’ event?

If you don’t know, you’re in good company.

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Why should lawyers get special treatment?

First of all, I want to say this isn’t a personal attack on the author of the website www.typographyforlawyers.com, I’m all for anything that improves the design of documents, even if they never see the outside of a courtroom. The reason for this post is more a sense of frustration at the missing of a bigger picture.

The rules of typography for lawyers should be the same as they are for the rest of us. It may be easy to blame a bit of bad typography for poor communication, but in the case of the legal profession, I think a big step backwards needs to be taken.

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Don’t duplicate it – delete it

A comment I often make, is that ‘I get paid to delete stuff’. It’s meant to be self-deprecating but it’s largely true.

And what’s the first thing I look for when I’ve got my hatcheting head on? Duplicated information.

As a first step to making information simpler, deleting duplicated information is a great place to start, particularly because it doesn’t require any great analysis. It’s a very simple process.

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