Pay as you drive car insurance statement redesign – the front page

Although 2012 gave me two of my biggest projects to date, the one I enjoyed the most was this smaller one: redesigning a statement for a company, based in South Africa, that provides car insurance ‘by the kilometre’.

Click the image for a larger version

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A heavenly piece of information design

Today I had an email request from an ex-colleague who was looking for, in her words, ‘an info design archetype’. What she was looking for was an example where, purely through design, a document had been made to look simpler.

There was something that had long since slipped to the back of memory, largely because it’s not something I see on an everyday basis. And this is what it was: it’s the service from when my daughter was christened, and it’s a fabulous example of what can be achieved with some simple typography.

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