DVLA form – never to be completed

Turns out that one of the most viewed posts on this site is one for a piece of work I have never finished; my redesign of the UK driving licence application form (a D1 to those in the know). Because I will probably never get it finished I thought it was probably time to put the work I have done on display.

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Driving licence application form (D1) – my new pet project

DVLA driving licence application form all 4 pages

It’s been a while since I took on one of my little personal projects. I’m pleased to say it’s been a while because I’ve been busy, but most of those projects are hidden behind non-disclosure agreements and threats to have my limbs snapped if I take credit for them (or worse, not get paid).

So here’s the next thing I’m going to do to show off (or make myself look an arse if it goes wrong).

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