Sleepy head – well, half of it anyway

I’ve discovered something that’s not very new; if I work late (which is frequently) I struggle to get to sleep. Obviously I go on in the hope that I will defy all the medical know-alls who say this is bound to happen.

What I noticed last night though, was that putting the left side of my head on the pillow made me feel more sleepy, or at least stopped me thinking about the list of things I still had to do. Now, if there is a genuine reason for this, it would take someone with a far whiter coat than mine to explain it.

It did set me thinking about the left and right brain function, and if that might be part of the reason. Perhaps the analytical left side (the one I probably use more) felt it had had a successful day and had earned its rest, whilst the creative right side hadn’t had its fair share of use and had some ideas it still need to give me and was willing me back up.

It also reminded me of these images I came across a little while ago which nicely represent the functions of each side of the brain.

I’m afraid all that thinking made me get up again!

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