Forms used for registering to vote

Because of issues with voter fraud, the process for registering to vote has changed from one stage to two stages. An individual must now register, rather than being registered as part of a household.

This project came about through said, the agency I am a partner in. We were tasked with creating a template that:

  • could be used by local authorities from the tip of Scotland to the toe of England – and all in Welsh as well
  • drove people to register online, a more efficient process for administrators
  • was capable of having individual authority’s details updated in Word
  • could have existing details overlaid (from any number of different softwares)
  • was easily adaptable for a number of other forms, such as overseas voters, armed forces voters etc.

In the new process, a first form would be sent to the household to get details of who lives there, and a second form would be sent to each individual to confirm their details and their wish to register to vote. To match up to this new process forms needed to be developed, which would make these tasks as simple as possible.

Household form

 Individual’s forms

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