Explaining current affairs

I’m acutely aware of my knowledge of current affairs. I’m equally aware that the majority of my client projects fall into the bills and statements area of my work.

For this reason, I’ve had a go at using my approach to design to explain a current news story – well, it was current when I started! I chose the recent bombing of a hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia by Al Shabaab. This topic is one I knew nothing about, but it turns out that trying to explain it is a great way to understand it. This is probably where experts (in any subject) fail to communicate an idea clearly: because they have no need to consciously think about what they are saying.

Anyway, here is the result for this week – in the hope there will be another one next week. Maybe I’ll choose a happier subject next time! 

I know it’s very far from perfect, but for about 4 hours work (including understanding the subject) I’m fairly happy. There are definitely things to work on for next time:

  • The type needs to be bigger: although I’ve kept the text to a minimum, it still needs to be legible.
  • It could do with more flair: it is (I hope) instructional, but I’m pretty sure it’s not that visually engaging.

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