Department for Transport form design

Design of a form to enable members of the public to report minor traffic collisions.

The newly designed form helped users easily navigate to the sections they need to complete, and to skip past sections that weren’t relevant, allowing them to fill the form in as quickly as possible.

answer spaces on the redesigned Department for Transport collision form
question layout on the redesigned Department for Transport collision form, guiding users through questions

Where relevant, notes and advice (about how to enter information) were placed in context with the questions, rather than in a separate section or document.

helpful hints were placed in context, next to their related questions, to help users provide the right information

How the previous form looked

The previous version of the form had questions squeezed onto the page in an attempt to keep the number of pages down. This approach inevitably makes the form harder to navigate, which produces more mistakes from the people filling it in.

previous Department for Transport collision form, with answer spaces squeezed onto the page

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