Baby talk

I have a young daughter and I’ve discovered that teaching her the important lessons in life (such as how to put her own dvds on) has very direct comparisons with the kind of work I do.

It’s all a question of how much she needs to know without providing distracting information.

“First press the big button”
This is the ‘on’ switch, it has an icon on it, but neither of these mean anything to her, and there is only one big switch.

“Now wait for the blue”
This is the dvd player showing up on the screen.

“Now press the little button”
This is the eject button. The whole process is helped by the fact that she’s so zoned in on the place the disc goes so has no interest in the other small buttons on the other side of the player.

From here on she’s away. Disc goes in, she knows that’s what the machine is for, and logic tells her that if that button opened the drawer it shuts it too.

Now if I can just explain the kettle and coffee cups…

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