A small annoyance about the UK Census 2011

I’ve been a good boy. I’ve done my duty. I’ve filled in my Census – online. Now the government knows all about me: where I live; what I do (maybe they’ll realise they need my help); that I work too many hours in a week.

I have to say, having seen the paper form, I wasn’t looking forward to it. But a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich saw me through fairly painlessly. But me being me, I had to find fault with something, so here it is.

To be sure they’re getting the most accurate answers, there needs to be the facility for people to go back – check. Only problem is with 30+ questions for each person, if I want to check what I’ve put for a specific question (as I did) I have to a) go through one at a time b) take a wild guess at which one it was.

UK census online questions

A solution

All it really needed was some little labels like this to make my life much simpler.

UK census online questions labelled

And one more little thing

My daughter is nearly 7, and I’m asked for her date of birth, so the clever system knows this. Is it really too much to ask that I don’t need to answer questions about her marital/civil partnership status (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have one or the other) and her occupation (if she’s got one, she can start paying rent).

Otherwise, pretty good job done government Census online form people*

*I’m saying this on a Sunday morning, in the hope they don’t hear me. Most of their forms are terrible.

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  1. I had to answer the same relationship status question for my three year old when I did the paper version. I guess on paper ticking “single” might be easier than having extra ifs and maybes for just one question. Having posted it I can’t check, but I’m fairly certain it skipped the work questions for anyone under 16.

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