What should I do next?

I’ve reached the point that I’m sure many others who put stuff on websites reach, the one when I wonder ‘what do people want to see?’, ‘what will make this site work best for me and lead to interesting work?’.

What I’d like to know from you good folks please, is which of these do you think will serve me best?

Mostly projects

with explanations of the steps I’ve taken to make the information simpler by way of ‘how to’ lesson. Occasional theoretical bits and bobs will be thrown in as well.

An even split

between projects and theory based stuff.

Mostly theory based stuff

(not that I want to influence the vote, but I think this a bad idea).

Answers on a comment or tweet would be much appreciated.

5 thoughts on “What should I do next?”

  1. I would love to see your project work with explanations of the steps your took to simplify the information. You do this so well and it helps me understand the process of how you got there, which I can sometimes apply to my own work.

    This seems to correpsond to your number one. I’m not against the theory, I just think it’s best when it’s there to support explaining how you simplified the info in the project we can see.

    That’s my two cents. I’m looking forward to seeing what the others have to say…

  2. Great idea to crowd source ideas for the future direction of your site.

    Personally, I like the theory stuff .
    People always seem to want from me some form of academic rigour as validation for what is basically an emerging art/science.

    The “how to” lessons are a good idea as well but people often skim stuff as they engage with it in a hurry (often because of a deadline) then badly reinterpret it.

    I would say option 2 or 3

  3. Thanks for the votes so far.
    One thing I’ve always bemoaned is the number of people in my field who spend too much time talking about the ins and outs, and using weird words like taxonomy, so I’m always wary of going too far down that path.

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