Plain language and information design collide

In the name of International Plain Language Day, the brilliant Frances and Candice at Simplified in Johannesburg asked me if I could use my information design skills on a piece of work they had done.

The document in question is what is given to South African citizens if they are arrested. Simplified have rewritten the language to make it understandable for citizens with low literacy levels.

From a design point of view, a few of the features are:

  • Description of the offence committed is highlighted so the arrested person can easily identify it on the page
  • The nine rights an arrested person has are clearly laid out
  • The parts of the document that are to be filled in are given the same space they would be on a form

Full before and after version of the documents are below

The existing document given to people arrested in South Africa

Front of the rewritten and redesigned document

Reverse of the rewritten and redesigned document

As ever, I’ll try and write more detail shortly.

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