Firehead Bitesize content strategy infographic

We are really pleased with this, it’s already helped increase sales substantially.

CJ Walker, Firehead Ltd

The brief for this project was to help Firehead (a content strategy recruitment company based in Europe) explain their new product, Firehead Bitesize.

To do this, I created the diagram below to explain the whole concept of content strategy, and to highlight the elements offered by Firehead’s Bitesize product: auditing website content for its effectiveness.

In a quirk of Fireness, the illustration at the top of the diagram was created by Firecatcher.

firehead ltd infographic introducing their new Bitesize content strategy package

Full information about Firehead Bitesize can be found on Firehead’s website at

2 thoughts on “Firehead Bitesize content strategy infographic”

  1. Hi Kevin

    Thanks very much for the kind words. I’m just starting to delve into the world of Content Strategy (partly because of the diagram) so hopefully my approach can prove itself useful on the web as well as my older stomping grounds of paper.

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