Charing Cross Hospital wayfinding

Design of a wayfinding system to help visitors to navigate round Charing Cross Hospital in central London.

In a large hospital, based over 15 floors, the first challenge facing incoming patients and visitors was to find the department they needed. To help them do this, a directory was created listing all departments alphabetically. There was only one set of public lifts to access upper floors, so visitors were only directed to wings for departments on the ground floor. For departments on upper floors, only details of the floor were given to prevent visitors climbing stairs unnecessarily.

Directory of all departments at Charing Cross Hospital, helping direct visitors to the right floor

For the ground floor, a diagram was created to help people find the relevant wing for the department they needed.

location diagram at Charing Cross Hospital to help visitors find the appropriate wing

Within the wings, directions to departments were clearly signposted.

directional signage to help people find the departments they need from within the wing

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