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If your letter (or email) doesn't clearly tell me what to do I won't do it. Make it too confusing and I can't do it. And if you make it too longwinded you'll never know whether I can do it or not.

You don't send letters on a whim. Usually it's because you need me to do something. Or because one of us has done something wrong. So why not send letters that drive the right actions and sound like they've been written by humans? Because you can be sure they'll be read by them.

Redesign of Halifax letter about account changes

Redesign of a letter about changes to bank account features

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0 comments / June 10th, 2011

NHS appointment letter

redesigned and rewritten NHS appointment letter with clear language and logical structure

Project to rewrite and redesign an appointment letter sent out by the local NHS trust.

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1 comment / December 29th, 2009