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NHS Summary Care Records

Having, as requested, ‘taken time to read this leaflet’ (all 12 pages of it) about NHS Summary Care Records, I realised most of it was unnecessary

Have a look at how I got on making it into manageable amount of information.

See the full NHS Summary Care Records page

7 comments / March 30th, 2010

bmi baby baggage allowance text

A little while ago I picked up on a tweet from Mark Boulton about the confusing information about baggage allowance that he experienced on the bmibaby website. Having taken a look at the site in question it was easy to see why.

Having already had a go at Virgin Atlantic’s baggage information I thought I’d have a go at this too. Here’s how I got on

See the full bmi baby baggage allowance text page

5 comments / March 14th, 2010

Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance

New, easier to understand, information about how much baggage customers are allowed to take on Virgin Atlantic flights Information explaining baggage allowance to customers on Virgin Atlantic flights

See the full Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance page

1 comment / January 8th, 2010

First aid training – product information

Project to write and design information about a first aid training company’s products and services.

See the full First aid training – product information page

0 comments / January 6th, 2010

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