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A little while ago I picked up on a tweet from Mark Boulton about the confusing information about baggage allowance that he experienced on the bmibaby website. Having taken a look at the site in question it was easy to see why.

Having already had a go at Virgin Atlantic’s baggage information I thought I’d have a go at this too. Here’s how I got on – the original text can be found at the bottom of this page.

Allowances per single flight

Adult passengers (and children 2 years and older) are entitled up to 5 items of baggage. The weight of these bags together must not be more than 18kg.

Passengers travelling in a group, on the same booking can pool their baggage allowance up to the equivalent of 18kgs per passenger.

Children aged up to 24 months (on the day of the flight) have a 5kg baggage allowance.

Baggage charges per single flight.

If you book your baggage online you can take advantage of the rate of £12.99/€13.00 or £14.99/€15.00 per item, depending on your flight. You can add more baggage online via the ‘manage your bookings’ section of the website.

If you book your baggage via the call centre a £20.00/€20.00 charge per item will apply.

If you book your baggage at the airport the fee will depend on your flight.

Excess baggage over the 18kg limit will be charged at £12.00/€15.00 per kilo.

Baggage over 32kg will not be allowed on board.

Larger items

Certain large items will be carried free of charge:
• wheelchairs
• mobility scooters
• walking frames
• prams/buggies (providing a child under 5 years of age is travelling).

Travel cots and car seats are charged at £10.00/€12.50 each, for each one way flight, when added during the booking process. Travel cots and car seats that exceed the weight (XXkg) or dimensions (XX by XX) of standard hold luggage will not be allowed on board.

Outsize items requiring additional handling will be charged at £17.99/€22.00 per item per flight when booked online. Outsize items will only be carried if space is available on the aircraft.

Outsize items include:
• canoes
• surfboards
• golf clubs
• skis
• bicycles – only accepted if suitably packaged
• musical instruments
• other bulky equipment

This is how the previous version looked

A Baggage Fee is charged for the carriage of each item of
checked baggage. Baby buggies (subject to an infant/child
under 5 years of age travelling)
, wheelchairs, scooters and
walking frames are carried free of charge. The baggage fee is
variable dependent on the length of the flight and may be prepaid
at the current discounted internet rate of £12.99/€15.00 or
£14.99/€15.00 per item of baggage/per one way flight when making
your reservation online. If you wish to add baggage to your booking
at a later date you can do this via the ‘manage your bookings’
section of the website, the call centre or when you arrive at the
airport. Please note a £20.00/€20.00 charge per item will apply per
one way flight for any bags added by the call centre or at the
airport.  Each passenger can take a maximum of 5 bags per one
way flight that must not exceed a combined weight of 18kgs. 
Passengers travelling together on the same booking reservation, who
have individually purchased bags, can pool their baggage weight
allowance up to the equivalent of 18kgs per passenger.  Once
this limit is reached then standard overweight charges as detailed
below will apply. Please note passengers travelling on the same
booking reservation must all check-in at the same time in order to
pool the baggage allowance.
Infants under the age of 2 years (on the date of departure of each
flight) are entitled to a 5kg baggage allowance, this will be added
to the adult responsible for the infant. For children over 2 years,
the price of flights and the baggage allowance is the same as for

Please note a pram/buggy will be carried free of charge
providing an infant/child under 5 years of age is travelling.
Should an infant be travelling the carriage of infant travel cots
and car seats will be permitted at the standard charge of
£10.00/€12.50 per item per one way flight when added during the
booking process providing that the weight and dimensions does not
exceed that of standard hold luggage.

All baggage in excess of the checked baggage allowance at 18kgs
will be charged at the bmibaby excess baggage rate applicable as at
the date of your flight. The current rate is £12.00/€15.00 per kilo
on UK, Eire & International flights. Please note, the maximum
weight of any one item of baggage is 32kg.
Outsize items requiring additional handling include canoes,
surfboards, golf clubs, skis, bicycles, musical instruments and all
other bulky equipment, will be charged at £17.99/€22.00 per sector
per item when booked online, and will only be carried subject to
space availability on the aircraft. Bicycles will only be accepted
if suitably packaged.  All outsize items will officially
travel stand-by. bmibaby will not be responsible for repatriation
if there is a delay. Any item not listed above is subject to the
standard excess baggage rate.

5 thoughts on “bmi baby baggage allowance text”

  1. Robert, that’s SO much clearer. Great job – hope that a) bmibaby use your version, b) they credit you for it, c) they pay you for your time and effort

  2. Hi Robert, so am I clear in thinking that if I nhave booked three passengers online with BMI Baby, I can take 3 x 18kg in two cases, plus, 10 kg hand luggage?

    Thank you Barry Cary.

  3. Hi Barry

    Thanks for the question. I don’t know the situation around hand luggage, but regarding luggage per person then yes, it is my understanding that each passenger is entitled to up to 18kg of luggage, the weight of which can be spread across up to 5 items of luggage. Of course you can take more, but it’ll cost you!

    I should add the disclaimer that this is my understanding of what bmibaby said. Also, this information is a good few months old now so the policy may have changed since, so it’s probably best to check with them to avoid any nasty surprises.

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