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About me

Someone once said to me:
“You must be quite clever to do what you do?”

I replied:
“No, I just ask the questions that stupid people would ask.”

And that’s me, always wanting to to know why, what and how. It’s a pain to live with (so I’m told) but it’s also what makes me good at what I do.

So after seven years of asking why, what and how for other people (and the prospect of never seeing my family) now I’m doing it for myself, working directly with clients, and also collaborating with others to complement what they already offer their clients.

My aim is simple: to bring information design ‘north of the Watford Gap’, but my oyster card is always ready for the odd trip to the big smoke.

The CV stuff

Partner at Service and Information Design Limited 2013 to present

Robert Hempsall – Information Designer – 2006 to 201″

Senior Information Designer at The Brand Union – 2004 to 2006

Information Designer at Information Design Unit – 1999 to 2003

BA (Hons) First Class – Graphic Art & Design – Leeds Metropolitan University – 1996 to 1999

A pdf of my full CV is available here.



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